Why don’t we do low-price competition


In the eyelash vendor market, there are many eyelashes at low-price competition. They claim to be able to package all over the world and send samples free of charge. This is indeed an option for beauty lovers with insufficient funds and budgets, but it is not in line with Cannes’idea.






Our eyelashes are deeply loved by professionals and cosmetic bloggers. They are more demanding on eyelashes. It takes a long time for us to design and make eyelashes by hand. Every pair of eyelashes is carefully made and taken seriously. The amount of mink hair in the world is limited. We treat every small animal gently. We set up the Animal Foundation. Every month, we send a batch of food to the small animals regularly. Because we need to get it from the mink, we should pay for it. These minks are hard-won for us, and the scarcity of resources is often even more precious.

Our eyelashes will be cleaned and disinfected again and again in the process of making, after hypoallergenic testing, to ensure comfort in the eyes. Eyes are the windows of the mind. Our eyelashes hope to add more light to your eyes. After design and improvement, our eyelashes are very popular in the market and have a great influence.

Why not do low-price competition

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PorscheLashes will bring the highest quality eyelashes to every beauty lover. Eyelashes are one of the consumables in cosmetics. They occupy an indispensable position in cosmetics. They can be reused to reduce the waste of money. Many girls think that eyelashes do not need to spend too much money. Maybe they will be thrown away or appear quality after wearing them once. Problem. Cannes will conduct many experiments and sample checks after processing to ensure that each pair of eyelashes can be used more than 35 times, which reduces unnecessary losses for beauty lovers.What low-price competition brings to customers is not high quality products

Eyelash market prices vary, it is difficult to choose an excellent supplier, if you are wearing, buy poor quality eyelashes, affect their own wear effect and mood, but also waste their money. If you have your own business, bad eyelashes can affect your business. As a factory and supplier, our goal is to make more people recognize the quality of our eyelashes and the experience of wearing them.

We are confident

We need more acceptance from beauty lovers. When you want to buy eyelashes, you first think of Cannes lashes, because it is the symbol of fashion and the guarantee of quality. It also saves you time to identify how to screen eyelashes in the market. Our eyelashes are now sold all over the world, everywhere. Nowadays, people’s living standards are improving. The pursuit of beauty is not only staying in the renewal of clothes’hairstyles and makeup, but also paying more attention to the changes of details. The effect of each pair of eyelashes and the corresponding makeup may set off waves in the fashion world. In this regard, we are more attentive in the treatment of eyelashes.


In China, we often say, “Things are precious when they are scarce.” These exquisite eyelashes are like window exhibits. No matter what age, girls will be attracted by their beauty. They bring us more satisfaction. When you own them, you will wear them more carefully and feel the special features of each eyelash.

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