Why choose high-priced and high-quality products?

high priced high-quality products-Fine workmanship

High-priced and high-quality products, the selected workers should be conscientious, careful, patient, unified management and unified thinking. The basic qualities of these workers should be very high. Every eyelash hair is put up according to the design requirements. Only when the workers have these high qualities, can the EYELASHES effect be guaranteed. And these good workers must pay the corresponding high salary .


High -quality PorscheLashes ensure the consistency of the goods and samples. Customers do not need to inspect the goods after each receipt. They sell directly, saving a lot of manpower, material and financial resources.







High -quality PorscheLashes VENDOR ensure that every pair of products is perfect, on the contrary, low price products have some good products, some defective products, seemingly low price,When removal of defective products, high quality PorscheLashes are more economical!

lashes make process

In order to win orders, the suppliers on the market are quoted to customers at low prices, and the poor quality workers are used to make the mink lashes. The samples look good, but they can not guarantee the consistency of the bulk goods with the samples. Many customers were cheated!

high-priced high-quality products-High standard design

High-quality WHOLESALE MINK LASHES also have very high requirements for designers. They study different eye shapes, different temperaments and different makeup every day. They design eyelashes according to these trends. We also need to pay high salaries to these senior designers to stimulate their design enthusiasm.


Bad designers do not have ideas, only imitate, and imitation is popular after the product has been out of date to start to imitate, which for customers missed the best business opportunities, the best sales time.






MINK LASHES WHOLESALE with high price and high quality make your eyelashes look more real, natural and full of confidence. Confident people will bring you good mood, good mood brings good luck!

 On the contrary, poor quality eyelashes look fake, leaving your makeup low. Affect the quality of life badly!

High price, high quality MINK LASHES wear without eye-catching feeling, no sense of pressure, so that you can blossom all day without worries!  Wearing low quality products, staring at your eyelashes and weight, make you worry about doing things all the time. You can not concentrate to do things well!

High-quality products, the corresponding price is also high, high-quality mink lashes strip can be used 35 times, the actual cost is less than $0.2 per time, click here to know more high-quality mink lashes .also can follow my instagram doris_minklashes

And poor-quality products only use once and twice, each time need to spend $1, two dollars. Products with high quality are expensive when they buy them, but actually they are cheap to use.

Therefore, we should support the progressive people and support the high quality MINK EYELASH VENDOR !