The 4 Makeup Trends Will Define 2021

The 4 Makeup Trends Will Define 2021

A new year brings a fresh set of makeup trends to master. So if you’re already bored of the looks you’ve perfected while quarantining in 2020. Then you’ve found yourself in the right corner of the internet. It will become most popular makeup 2021. It’s  going to be all about the eyes.


For 2021, vibrant colors and nostalgia are two major themes. which makes complete sense since many of us have been finding comfort in watching old TV shows or painting our nails cheery colors throughout the pandemic. Christian Serratos’ 60s-inspired negative space eyeliner and Tessa Thompson’s gorgeous violet smoky eye are two prime examples.

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Most Popular MakeUp 2021


1.Personalized false eyelashes

As we have seen in the role of false mink lashes in the makeup. false mink lashes are a very important part of the makeup. Not only can modify the eyes, but also increase the three-dimensional sense of the face. False lashes make your entire makeup look polished, confident and energetic. It’s hard to believe that 2021’s hottest false eyelash style is here. Every girl needs it. Points to open view.

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2. Stained Lips

The past year has been tough for anyone who swears by a bold lipstick. While face masks aren’t going away in the foreseeable future, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a lipstick. Just swap your go-to creamy matte red for a stain that’s less likely to transfer onto your mask.







3. Graphic Lines

You’ve probably seen graphic eyeliner looks all over Instagram, thanks to people getting creative with their eye makeup in response to face masks covering the lower half of our faces for most of 2020. This year, sharp lines are still going strong, whether it’s a classic cat eye or a 60s-inspired negative space liner like this look Selena: The Series star Christian Serratos.

4.Purple Eye Makeup

Playing with colorful eye makeup is a safe and easy way to spark some joy when as the days of social distancing continue to melt into one. While any shade goes, we’ve noticed more and more purple eye makeup looks popping up on pre-COVID red carpets and on Instagram through the tail end of 2020. Purple is the perfect balance between vibrant and subtle, depending the shade and finish of the products you use. It also gives the classic smoky eye an unexpected twist.






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