Successful Secret Of Lashes Business At Home

Hey Beauties! Today I’m going to share with you the secret of a Canadian customer starting a business at home. The story of the experience is running her lash business out of her home. This is a true story of one of my clients. Now she earns about a million dollars a year from her eyelash business. So let’s share how to run eyelash business at home?

Go and actually look to see what demographic lives in your area.

Sit on the side of a street and watch. Is it young mothers? Is it middle aged women? Are there a lot of teenagers? All these sort of questions. Don’t assume you know who lives in your area. Go and actually look and count them. These people will be your clients, so you want to know who you are going to buy lashes too. Get to know as much about them as you can.

Find all the local salons and at home businesses in your area that do lashes:

For maybe a 10km circumference depending on where you live. Visit some of them as a client. Have a look at their menu’s to see how much they charge, what they are offering, how they treat their customers etc. This is very valuable information.

How to run eyelash business at home-Figure out your cost prices and Research your local spending levels

It’s important to figure out what your costs ,and what your local consumption level. so that you can target your customer base.

Based on all of the above , decide how much you are going to sell.

Important :

Since you are running your business from home. you need to have enough inventory for your customers to choose . So you need to have eyelashes in stock and samples. Clients prefer to pursue speed and authenticity.

Another note on this point … don’t charge really low to try and attract customers, you will only attract customers who are price driven and will go somewhere else to seek another better price. These are not the clients you want long term.

mink lash vendor

This client do eyelash business in Canada. And these tips are the secret to her success. Of course also have many other tips. But because time is limited, I can’t share it all. Hope this tips helped any of you starting your own lash business, or thinking about starting one! If you guys have any questions please leave them down below, I will be commenting back! I will give you better advice based on your country, and your region and business experience.


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