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A New Explanation Of Causes of the Industrial Revolution

There has been much discussion and disagreement soft 3d real mink eyelashes economists and historians about the causes of the Industrial Revolution(IR). What follows is a new explanation based on an extensive examination of social, scientific and political events from ancient history through to particularly the 100 years preceding the Industrial Revolution.

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Smtsn The Industrial soft 3d real mink eyelashes(IR) marked what was probably the most significant and profound change in human behavior in the history of mankind. To date historians and economists have provided a long list of possible reasons as to why this profound change happened in the mid 1700’s. It is the contention of this article that the real causes become obvious when the history preceding it is viewed from a sociological, political and psychological perspective rather than a purely economic perspective.


That the primary reason The Industrial soft 3d real mink eyelashes occurred in the mid 1700″s was due to a unique set of circumstances that forced separation of church and state (separation of religion and government). For the first time in history development of scientific thought based on logic and reason was tolerated and allowed to freely flourish, which provided the foundation for the IR.

Reasons Commonly Given:

The reasons commonly given for the IR occurring first in Britain usually include, agricultural advancements, new financial institutions, supply of mineral resources, laws allowing private property, trade and new technologies. This paper will contend that while these factors played a part they were not the fundamental reason for the IR occurring when it did.

History of State/Religion Convergence:

Throughout history rulers have sought to control what their subjects thought. Claiming to be divine or having the only direct access to the divine was a common theme. Ancient civilizations are full of examples of convergence between rulers and religion.

The most famous are the pharaohs of Ancient soft 3d real mink eyelashes who are often referred to as god-kings. The populace was led to believe that the pharaohs were divine gods and as such were intermediaries between ordinary people and the gods.

Subjects were coerced to believe their pharaohs would continue to lead them in the next life, which is why they built pyramids and later elaborate burial chambers.

The pharaohs ruled through a hierarchical system with themselves at the top then next nobles and priests who helped govern. Below came artisans and skilled workers who spent their entire lives building palaces, temples and tombs. At the bottom were farmers, servants, and slaves. When not farming food they worked as laborers on the Pharaoh’s building projects. Most did so willingly as a form of religious devotion. They believed that if they helped the god-king in life, they would be rewarded after death.

Thus a majority of the population spent a lot of their lives trying to seek favour with their Pharaoh and reward after death. To disobey a Pharaoh would incur harsh punishment. If a person stole so much as an animal hide he could be whipped with 100 soft 3d real mink eyelashes and stabbed at the back of his shoulder.

This created both fear and awe of the Pharaohs but also a controlled belief system. Engineering was encouraged for building works but to live in Egyptian society the people had to at least appear to believe their Pharaoh was divine and obey him. Egyptians were made to adhere to tradition and any changes were rigorously opposed. Control by the pharaohs and the elaborate system of religious beliefs left no room for free thinking.

In ancient China, the emperor was considered to be the Son of Heaven and his soft 3d real mink eyelashes were considered to be sacred edicts not to be disobeyed.

From around 1200 BC onwards there were a number of ruling dynasties in China, which involved worshiping many different gods. There was also a belief that ancestors such as parents and grandparents, became like gods when they died. Each family worshipped its own ancestors.

Later dynasties used the concept of an edict from the gods to legitimize their rule. It was believed the gods decided who would rule China. When natural disasters occurred it was believed that a ruler had lost the edict, which would result in a new dynasty taking over.

Just like in Egypt ancient Chinese society was highly structured. soft 3d real mink eyelashes and duties were an integral part an orderly social structure that specified a role for every member of Chinese society, from the highest station to the lowliest. Even the emperor had to observe a long list of official rites and duties in order to “legitimize” his role as the Son of Heaven. As in ancient Egypt free thinking was totally discouraged.

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In ancient Japan, it was soft 3d real mink eyelashes for every clan to claim it was descendant from gods. The emperor although not perceived a god himself was believed to be in contact with the gods and inspired by them.

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