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Makeups Dirty Little Secrets: How Your Cosmetics May Be Setting You Up for Diseases Like Cancer

We REALLY want to address the silk 3d lashes private label suppliers topic for the simple fact that SO many people are reliant on using these items. Anything that is being widely used and is claimed ‘unsafe’ is perfect material for us to discuss…so let’s talk about it.

silk 3d lashes private label suppliers
silk 3d lashes private label suppliers

Smtsn The truth is that most silk 3d lashes private label suppliers companies today are making products that are FAR from natural. Lead, arsenic, heavy metals, and mercury can ALL be found within commonly used cosmetics today. Mainstream foundations, concealers, blushes, eyeliners, eye shadows, and lipsticks/glosses have all been processed, analyzed and PROVEN to be very hazardous in many different studies.

When applying these products to one’s body, people MUST realize that the chemicals within them do NOT stop at the skin. Remember, your skin is your biggest organ: a thin layer is all that covers your body; this skinny barrier is penetrated everyday! Because of this ‘chemical invasion,’ people are becoming more and more toxic as each day passes.

One of the main points to realize about this subject is that these products can over time ‘take their toll’ on those who use them: internally and externally. Putting a poison on your beautiful face and expecting to ‘age gracefully’ doesn’t exactly promote wellness…agree? Women are literally using products to look better NOW but are harming their chances of looking well in their later stages of life.

For the record, we’re not saying to completely STOP using silk 3d lashes private label suppliers …such a suggestion would be a stupid way to go about raising awareness. All we’re saying is for people (ladies mostly) to start purchasing better quality, health-permitting items. Healthier choices may cost a little more, but it’s totally worth it if you’re looking at the BIG picture: obviously, no price should EVER be put on one’s health or beauty. Think about it: you could spend 15 bucks on an unhealthy mainstream product, or 20 dollars on a really pure, healthy item…which sounds better to you?

The honest truth is that if you’re using anything mass-produced or commonly sold, you’re taking a BIG chance in regards to your health. We have yet to see a truly 100% natural, real organic silk 3d lashes private label suppliers being advertised.

silk 3d lashes private label suppliers
silk 3d lashes private label suppliers

The Environmental Working Group knows all about exposing this silk 3d lashes private label suppliers. Their website has a HUGE database that is loaded with great information concerning this topic, check it out ASAP! You will definitely NOT regret it.

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