Pay Attention To Vacation Time And Delivery Time If You Ready Place Eyelash Order

Pay Attention To Vacation Time And Delivery Time If You Ready Place Eyelash Order

    If you want to wholesale false eyelashes. And place order please pay attention to this important notice. The Chinese Spring Festival is coming. And all the Eyelash factory have to start preparing for the holiday. We will have a long holiday, during holiday all the factories and express companies will be closed. The holiday starts in early February. So everyone need to order false mink lashes asap In February. Here are 2 important reasons you need to wholesale lashes in February.

Are you ready prepare eyelash in bulk in February

    The holidays are over and it’s almost the end of February. Many customers are sure to be out of stock during the holidays, so there will be no eyelashes to sell.So this is an opportunity if you want to increase your business. You need to order some eyelashes in bulk before the holiday. So if you want to order eyelashes now, you must place your order right away. Your order may not be delivered if you order too late.

2 important reasons wholesale lashes in February 

Are you ready order eyelash for peak season in March?

    Another very important reason, March is a peak season for false mink lashes. When the holidays for factories and express companies are over, it’s almost March. At that time, there will be a lot of faux lashes order. which will affect your delivery date and your lash business. So for the peak season in March. And for your eyelash business you also need to prepare eyelashes in bulk.

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