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Advanced SEO Strategy Guaranteed to Boost Your SEO

One of the main factors for optimising your website for page 1 on Google is to get incoming multi layer mink eyelashes from other web pages, and to boost the effectiveness of those links there are a few things to consider, including the relevance of the page where your link is coming from, plus the link itself needs to be relevant to the keywords that you are targeting on Google.

multi layer mink eyelashes
multi layer mink eyelashes

Here is one strategy you can use for getting great incoming multi layer mink eyelashes to help you achieve higher Google rankings.

Smtsn Article Marketing Via Online Article Directories

Once you know how to do this you will find it very easy.

Lets assume you run a Beauty Salon in Kent and you want to promote your multi layer mink eyelashes Extensions service.

If you want to be on page 1 of Google for the search term: ‘Eyelash Extensions Kent’ here is one strategy you may want to consider:

Write a 250 word article that educates people about multi layer mink eyelashes Extensions, you could include the benefits, how to choose a Lash Technician, the history of Lash Extensions etc.

To boost your SEO your article needs to include:

  • Your Keywords in the title of the article.
  • Your Keywords in the body of the article.
  • Your Keywords in the link that links back to your site in the bottom of the article.

Then submit your article to an online article directory.

To find such article directories just Google article directories and there will be a whole host of directories to choose from, as a rule of thumb the higher the Google Page Rank of an article directory the better the quality of multi layer mink eyelashes you will receive from that directory.

It is important to write original and informative articles, your articles must not be copied from anyone else, it must be your own words. You can include information from your own website as long as the original information is not copied from anywhere else.

Some article directories will not let you include a location in the title of your article unless you are specifically talking about the location in question. So, to be on the safe side just include the keywords ‘multi layer mink eyelashes Extensions’ in your Article Title.

Make sure you include a link to your website in the bottom of your article as this is the thing that is going to help with your SEO, and if the article directory allows make sure the link text contains your keywords.

I would get this right for one article directory first just so you can see the finished article with the link back to your site.

If you then repeat this process, writing new articles for the same multi layer mink eyelashes it will only be a matter of time before your website starts to climb higher up in the Google rankings, which in turn will help you attract more website visitors and potential clients.

If a Beauty Salon followed this exact strategy for their Eyelash Extensions service I predict they could achieve first page Google rankings for their keywords within a few weeks or months.

multi layer mink eyelashes
multi layer mink eyelashes

What’s more, because the links are coming from relevant pages in the right way they would probably remain on page 1 of Google for their multi layer mink eyelashes for a very long time, especially if they regularly updated their website in general.

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