Mink lashes business should be growing up step by step

Mink lashes business should be growing up step by step

Recently, many new customers are asking me: Can I order a few samples of Mink Lashes to see the quality of false eyelashes?

Customer experience

“I bought 100 pairs of lashes at the other supplier before. The photos look beautiful and the price is cheap, so I placed the order. But the quality and description are completely different after I actually received the goods, which is too disappointing.” She said.Here are lashes she received below.

After hearing the customer’s complaints, the four words of low-cost competition immediately came to my mind. The low-price competition is to quench a thirst with poison . The capable Mink Lashes suppliers will not sacrifice the product quality in exchange for the customer’s orders.

Our 3D Mink Lashes :

We will focus more on research and development of new products.  How to maximize product quality、How can research to give consumers different feelings? How can research to bring more business opportunities for wholesaler?We are worried about all these questions.

Pictures below  are from our  factory.  I guarantee that our picture is consistent with the real thing.

Eyelashes supplier

Nowadays network technology is so developed, photo retouching software is so common.it is simply too easy to find good-looking pictures and videos of Silk Lashes and 3D Mink Lashes。

Lately, an old customer asked me: “Does your false eyelashes lower the price”?   I received a picture that is exactly the same as our eyelashes. but the price is only 2.5 dollars. After seeing this, I was very heart-breaking.

Now many suppliers are profit-seeking、losing their integrity and deceiving consumers for profit. Please don’t just rely on the nice photos and bargain price to confirm that you are looking for a factory.

The value of Mink Lashes

You get what you pay for, the quality is in direct proportion to the price. As with the improvement of living standards: raw material costs, advertising costs, and labor costs are also getting higher and higher.

The price of false eyelashes that 20MM Mink Lashes and 10-16 Mink Lashes will only increase and will not decrease. We hope that the majority of the love of beauty customer will seize the opportunity to enter and occupy the market.

We believe that integrity is the foundation of the company. Only integrity can make the company better and better.