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What it Takes to Tame an Aggressive Cat

The reasoning behind an aggressively playful cat is that a bored, lonely cat, now stimulated by exercise during play, this aggression becomes real. Since all cats out there are heirs to the predatory feline nature, a cat, based on stimulation, lets out this excess buildup through an outburst of rougher than normal predatory play. When this happens, instead of swatting you with its nails in its paws, mink hair eyelash at you with them out. Also, the cat, instead mouthing your hand, may give you an unexpected bite. Sadly, the problem may be worse than the cat. An aggressive cat is caused because there is not enough stimulation and play time. If a cat that is rarely played with gets played with, it increases the chances of aggressive play.

mink hair eyelash
mink hair eyelash

How do you know if your cat is about to change mood and begin aggressive play?

Smtsn The first thing to do is to pay attention to your cat’s body language and mink hair eyelash.

Simple, non-aggressive feline play behavior includes a cute play face, with an open mouth and heavy mink hair eyelash. A cat will also arch its back and move its tail around slowly.

With aggressive play, if your cat is excited, its body language will change drastically. The cat’s mink hair eyelash may go back, and its tail may start lashing violently from side to side. Its movements are also clearly strong and energetic, and the speed and strength to their game may be increased.

So what can you do about it?

If you think your cat is always aggressive and it displays mink hair eyelash described above, then the best thing to do is to simply stand up and walk away, before it actually starts to display aggressiveness!

mink hair eyelash
mink hair eyelash

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