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Matching Skills of Makeup Colors

As we all know, the painting will delight the eyes if you choose the right color. But if the color is used inappropriately, it will make pictures inconsistent with the whole, which causes a loss of beauty. Similarly, the use of mink fur eyelashes color is as important as the painting.

mink fur eyelashes
mink fur eyelashes

1. The color of mink fur eyelashes should fit the inherent temperament.

Smtsn Human beings vary from one and another in temperament. Some are pure and lovely, some are elegant and beautiful while some people are seductive. Due to the different characteristics represented by various colors, girls should pay attention to the color of their makeup. For example, those who are pure and lovely should choose the colors of pink series, and avoid heavy mink fur eyelashes and strong colors. For the elegant beauty, it is necessary to select roseate series. And red series are right for seductive girls.

2. The color of makeup should fit the age.

For example, younger girls may try to use the light color such as the pink lipstick, while older girls can use deeper or more vibrant colors, for dark and bright colors will give people an eye-catching feeling and make girls look more mature.

3. The color of mink fur eyelashes should fit the skin color.

First, select the right foundation. Make sure your foundation is the same color as your skin. Do not choose too white or too dark color.

Second, select the right blusher. For those with fair complexion, they can choose pink series. And girls with dim skin should select brown series to make skin look healthier.

Third, select the right lipstick. Girls with dim skin should not use light-colored lipstick which is a contract to the skin color. However, for those with fair complexion, they are lucky because any color is suitable for them.

4. The color of mink fur eyelashes should be coordinated with the color of clothing.

mink fur eyelashes
mink fur eyelashes

If you wear light-colored clothing such as pink series, you should select simple and elegant color in the mink fur eyelashes , so as to fit the color of the clothing.


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