How To Choose The Best False Mink Lashes?

How To Choose The Best False Mink Lashes?

Whether you’re a novice or lash extension regular, one thing everyone can agree on is that false mink lashes have the power to take you from basic in mere minutes. From brow-gazing strips that give you telenolva-sized drama to wispy individuals that give you the natural fullness a mascara just cannot, here are the best false mink lashes for every occasion. It is best false mink lashes of 2021.

California’s most popular swing style

Swing style is a 25mm false mink lashes. It is deeply loved by European and American makeup bloggers and web celebrity. Different lengths of styles make you look beautiful in different ways. Super light, let you always have a dramatic emotion.

Best false mink lashes of 2021-Chicago style

Chicago style is a 20 mm lashes. If you are looking for thick and medium length falsies lashes. This is your best choice. perfect for flattering your eyes without shading your face.That’s the charm of the Chicago style.

Seychelles style

Seychelles style is a 16mm false mink lashes . She is a very natural type of false eyelash. Wear her and you’ll completely forget which are your real eyelashes. But she still maintain a fluttery softness that balances all that extra with a touch of airiness.

Calla style(Vegan eyelash)

Calla is a pure plant false eyelash.It is made of bamboo charcoal fiber protein.Cruelty-free and vegan. They add just enough drama to enhance your look, but they’re lightweight and natural enough for every day use. You also get plenty of bang for your buck, with each set lasting for an average of 25-30 wears with proper care.

Best false mink lashes of 2021-Rotterdam style

Rotterdam style is a 20mm lashes too. Once you’ve crossed over from wanting your lashes to look natural to wanting your lashes to look majo. This is your best choice.  

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