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The Importance of Body Distance When Parenting Your Child

Let us examine the powerful ways we send hand made eyelashes wholesale to one another (and our children) through our Body Distance…

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Body distance is the last tool to examine in non-verbal communication. Simply put, body distance is used to take over someone’s personal space, or give someone personal hand made eyelashes wholesale. When we are really close to someone physically it communicates care, concern, seriousness, or someone’s safety is in jeopardy. When we are far away from someone physically, it communicates less care, less concern, relaxation, and freedom is permitted.

Smtsn Usually there are two types of toddlers. There are toddlers that need their personal hand made eyelashes wholesale to be invaded, in order for them to calm down, self-regulate, or do what you ask them to do. And, there are toddlers that need extra space for them to calm down, self-regulate, and do what you ask them to do. Experiment with both to find the particular balance your toddler has. Sometimes you will need to move closer, and other times you will need to move away.

How do you use this non-verbal tool to your advantage with your toddler? When you are asking your toddler to do hand made eyelashes wholesale, and he or she is just not moving, test and see which type of children he or she is. If he or she is the “I won’t do it till someone is on me” type, move closer (regardless of age). Note: As a last resort, only use force that is necessary to get the child to move. There is no need to lash out physically to get your child to do what you ask him or her to do. If you do lash out, just remember you are teaching your children/teens how to deal with people smaller and weaker than them…with smaller people they’ll do the same!

Making them do it will communicate you are serious in that hand made eyelashes wholesale. Your toddler knows you care, even if you are on top of them making them do something he or she doesn’t want to do. You are not “killing” your toddler, like he or she will try to convince you. The mess will be cleaned in a minute or two, your toddler will forget about it, and he or she will go back to playing.

If you find that your toddler is the “give me 15 seconds and I’ll do by myself” type, and there is no danger involved, move away. (Or if talking to your toddler is making him/her more upset you can move and use silence!). Even when your toddler hand made eyelashes wholesale, you can still give them space. Just remember it is your toddlers loss of control, not yours. As fast as your toddler upset him/herself, her or she can calm down!

When your toddler is calmer, come back. He or she knows you care even when you are far away. Your toddler just want what he/she want, and wants it NOW! There is no need to apologize because you let your toddler be for a couple of minutes.

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