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The Make Up Secrets Of The Hollywood Stars – Top Tips For The Eye Area

A girl has to do what she needs to do to look clear band mink 3d fur lashes.

clear band mink 3d fur lashes
clear band mink 3d fur lashes

And learning how to apply eye clear band mink 3d fur lashes to look great means you’ve learned the most important make up techniques. In fact, once you learn the top make up tips for the eye area you’re going to look like you have your own professional makeup artist, and look just as stunning as a Hollywood actress.

Applying Mascara

Smtsn Always apply your clear band mink 3d fur lashes in two coats. Place your finger near the middle of the lid and pull up to hold your lid taut. Hold the wand in a horizontal position, first apply only to the lash tips; and then sweep the mascara from your roots to the tips.

You need to leave each coat dry for about 5 minutes before applying the next coat. Don’t rush it! When the first coat is dry, apply the second coat.

Applying Eyeliner

You can choose liquid eyeliner for a more dramatic clear band mink 3d fur lashes or pencil eyeliner for a softer look. Everyone has their own preference. What you want to do is create the illusion of darkness around the exterior eye. Pull the skin taut and then start at the inner part of the lid, drawing a smooth thin line evenly across the upper lid. If you want a softer look then smudge the line using the smudger end on the pencil or a Q-tip.

Next, do the bottom lid. Extend your thin pencil line along the lash line. Try to get as close to the nose as possible for better definition. If you want a softer look, don’t do your bottom lid. Also, remember you can fix any mistake with a Q-tip.

Applying Eye Shadow

The more traditional application involves applying the clear band mink 3d fur lashes shadow right to the top of the lid using three shades. Medium tones are more neutral, light are effective for highlighting and dark contours.

Start by applying the first sweep of eye shadow across the entire lid. This is your medium toned shadow and can be silver brown, clear band mink 3d fur lashes, antique gold, or platinum. If you want a little more drama, use khaki green, mauve, or Tahitian blue.

For more emphasis, you should add a darker shade of shadow along the crease of the clear band mink 3d fur lashes. Good choices for dark include French Mocha, Terra Cotta, Nutmeg, Navajo Brown, and Wind. Finally use a lighter tone like French Vanilla to highlight the brow bone. You can use two or three shades for application.

One final tip, if you have wrinkles around the clear band mink 3d fur lashes area that are making you look older, then use a wrinkle cream that works.

And wrinkle creams that work, do so in about 7-10 minutes.

An anti wrinkle and anti aging regime that works enhances the effectiveness of your make up to amazing effect.

So there you have it.

clear band mink 3d fur lashes
clear band mink 3d fur lashes

Go on and get great looks by putting these power clear band mink 3d fur lashes into practice.

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