Choosing the best Mink lashes for your eye shape

Choosing the best Mink lashes for your eye shape

Choosing the best Mink lashes for your eye shape

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Mink Lashes are the biggest hero of perfect eye makeup.Wearing false lashes can give you the longer, fuller eyelashes you’ve always dreamed of, but did you know that right lashes will look better on you than others? like choosing a hairstyle to match your face shape, It is as important as our choice of husband.different false eyelash styles can enhance your natural eyes, or even change the shape of your eyes completely.

Almond-shaped eyes

Almond-shaped eyes are usually narrower, so the use of false eyelashes is to make the eyes bigger and longer. If you use the same length and thinner false eyelashes, it will not work well. Use the length of the eye to lengthen, the thick lashes can make the eyes change the narrow eye contour, enlarge the eyes and make the eyes more feminine.   Here are two styles I would like to recommend to you .



Round eyes


Round eyes: if you have big round eyes,You will see more white in your iris.In order to create an attractive cat-eye shape,I would recommend that lashes with wispy and curly

Natural:CLICK HERE  Glamorous: CLICK HERE



Close set eyes

Close set eyes:the inner corner of the eye is closer to the nose,We should pay more attention to the outer corner to highlight the eye shape.lashes styles we choose are to balance the problem that our inner corner of the eye is too close to the nose,So lashes should be longer and thicker from center to end.



Natural:  DC02    Glam: DX09

Mono lid eyes

Mono lid eyes: The best advantage for mono lid eyes is there will no crease on eyes when we get can choose 3D Mink lashes with crisscross layers that would help us to enlarge eyes.

16MM-18MM Mink Lashes


Protruding eyes

Protruding eyes:you have bright eyes, So we recommend lashes that are short or medium in length that will have dreamy, romantic nature.

16 MM Mink Lashes

Downturned eyes

Downturned eyes: we want to extend the outer corners of your eyes,I would recommend lashes with the end is longer than the inner end and curly. it is a best way to draw attention to your eyes


Wide set eyes

Wide set eyes:It is the opposite of close set eyes,We need to pay more attention to the outer corner,lashes we choose should be fluffy that can help mask the extra space between your eyes.

So I recommend