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Awareness – Actions Speak Loudly

Growth through adversity, I’d rather pass on that approach if possible and avoidable! If we continuously are aware of our own best siberian mink 3d eyelashes and take action to change them, I think it is possible. Learning from others mistakes and foibles is another applicable approach.

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best siberian mink 3d eyelashes

It’s always much easier to see and criticize others best siberian mink 3d eyelashes. It’s more difficult to see our own, unless we are constantly aware of our actions and thoughts.

Smtsn I am a student of life, I love to learn and stretch and grow. Personal awareness and development are critical while we are here on this earth. I believe we are supposed to become the best that we can be while we are here. In the past 24 hours my own level of awareness was raised in a few areas. Moral best siberian mink 3d eyelashes present themselves when least expected sometimes. Growth spurt I suppose. We had a birthday to attend at which the mother was tense and snappy with the birthday girl, embarrassing and berating her in front of her friends. It was uncomfortable and inappropriate. The Mom looked like she was putting on this party for her daughter only because she had to , not because she wanted to. There was little or no joy involved in the process.

Being familiar with the family dynamics, because I’m a friend of the mother, I could see what was going on. She has been having serious behavioural problems with “Sarah” and hasn’t been able to get it under control. The Mom has noticed that “Sarah” will never, or rarely behave this way in public. It’s only when she is at home with her family that she feels comfortable enough to lash out, and behave in a reckless, dangerous manner. In my opinion, I see it as a control issue, the daughter wanting to be the one to domineer.

I know the Mom wasn’t aware of how she was behaving or perceived. She was lashing out in anger, desperation and best siberian mink 3d eyelashes. I’m sure that it didn’t help the overall improvement of the situation treating her daughter like that in front of her friends.

Later that day we joined some other friends for an early dinner. We have children of similar ages and similar best siberian mink 3d eyelashes. We have spent quite a bit of time together over the past six years. The husband is laid back and quiet, his profession requires that he travel frequently. The wife is loud and boisterous, devoted to the children and that is her focus. “Karen” has a tendency to wear inappropriate clothing and flirt openly, but she seems to be completely unaware that she is doing it, and when she gets a response she acts shocked! To me it is obvious, and now the marriage is starting to show strain. We think the husband may be having an affair.

I think the male half of our friends is tiring of his wife’s behaviour and I think “Karen” is completely unaware. As she ages, and fights the aging process, her behaviour is becoming even more best siberian mink 3d eyelashes. Aging gracefully is not her strength.

best siberian mink 3d eyelashes
best siberian mink 3d eyelashes

My son raised my level of best siberian mink 3d eyelashes this morning when he responded to me in a sarcastic tone. I began to reprimand him, but caught myself when I realized he was mirroring me!! Whether it be joking around and having fun, or in anger, I have a tendency to employ sarcasm. I’m grateful that he made me aware that I have to be mindful of how I speak with my children. I am always saying to them, “It isn’t what you say, it’s how you say it.” I have to be aware, and always prepared, to walk my talk. Awareness is critical to all areas of growth and development in life.

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